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Conceived by Kirrily Lowe, The Invisible Tree is a series of
illustrated children’s books seeking to impart great values into little people.

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Our Australian children's picture books bring to life values and virtues for children in a fun and relatable way. These children’s books on the fruit of the spirit teach children about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness.

Buy Australian children’s picture books online today - this series of children’s books are manufactured in Australia to a high quality. The books make for a perfect children’s Christmas present, or a child’s birthday gift.


"Goodness", book 6 in the Invisible Tree Series shortlisted as a finalist for the Caleb Prize in the Picture Book Category. The Caleb prize supports excellence in Australasian Christian Literature.
Congratulations Kirrily and Henry.

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“The Invisible Tree books are a gorgeous series, brimming with joy and love. The collage illustrations are clever and original. Simply divine.”

Aleesah Darlison

Children’s Author and Director of Literature Live

“Kirrily’s amazing wisdom and intelligence is shown throughout her 4th book Patience by her creative display of what Patience really means. It defines and builds strength in young children through simple terms! Patience compliments her high quality of books that express the real fruits of life. Blessed to have the full series for our children.”

Elka Whalan

Olympic Silver Medalist, Media Personality, Mother of 3

“With such a plethora of children’s books on the market today it’s refreshing to find this new series by Kirrily Lowe, which not only include stunning illustrations and rhythmic prose, which children love, but great life principles of kindness, thankfulness and spiritual health. I highly recommend these books for parents, educators and children’s book lovers of all ages!”

Chris Pringle

Senior Minister, C3 Church Sydney, President C3 International

“I teach scripture in local public schools in my area for Kindy and Yr 1 – and we’ve been reading the books (Love & Joy) and learning about all the great fruit we can grow on our tree. The kids love the books! They keep asking for more! One of the little girls was so excited to tell me how she’d been growing her ‘strawberries of self-control’ through the week. These books have really inspired myself and the kids – thank you!”

Steph, Sydney

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